St Mary's Big Plan


Our Five-year Plan has been developed by the Standing Committee and approved by the PCC as a ‘work in progress’

It will go on being developed and added to in the coming years

The basic philosophy of the Plan is this:

  • The future for the Church in Britain is, as they say, ‘challenging’. We believe St Mary’s can thrive despite this, but only if we rise to the challenge with faith and vision.
  • We need to have a vision that is comprehensive and coherent, covering all areas of church life, so that we can become proactive in the service of God’s kingdom and not merely reactive.
  • Team work is key. Without teams, and collaborative working, there is always going to be a ceiling stopping us from going any higher – the limited time and energy that a few individuals can currently offer.

As a starting point, we have identified these Goals & Objectives:

  • Aim consistently for excellence in our worship.
  • Ensure St Mary’s is a welcoming and inspiring place in which to celebrate worship, enjoy fellowship, host concerts and stage other appropriate events.
  • Grow in commitment and fellowship, as the Church in this place.
  • Grow our pastoral ministry.
  • Raise our profile through better communication.
  • Look for imaginative ways to embrace the wider community.
  • Build teamwork into every area of church life.