Let Allleluia be our Song!

These days, Christmas finishes, rather than starts, on Dec. 25th. If we think about it, we do know that’s not actually true. There are twelve days of Christmas. Let’s not make the same mistake over Easter. Yes, we talk about the Easter Weekend. But actually, Easter lasts 50 days, and that is the meaning of the Greek word Pentecost. And it starts on the night when he rose.

Our Easter celebrations don’t come from nowhere. They come out of the storm and stress that accompanies the bringing forth of new life. For that is what Holy Week is - the birth pangs of a new order, a new creation. Beginning on Palm Sunday, when Jesus entered the Holy City in triumph, through Maundy Thursday when he gave to the Church the ritual meal that sets forth the meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection, to the horrible consummation of his sacrifice on Good Friday, and to the awesome peace of Holy Saturday - Easter Eve - when Jesus rested in the tomb. This is Holy Week. The events are commemorated with a variety of moving services in the churches of Bruton and District, and I hope you will be able to join in some of them.

Easter is our rebirth. We, the Church, are his body. Our imaginative accompanying him on the Way of the Cross should be our own, spiritual, death. Our Easter is a new beginning for us all. Moreover, it is very clear from the New Testament that this renewal is of the whole creation. The darkness that has been over the earth is lifted. Easter is thus personal, social and cosmic. Everything is made new in Christ our God.

Happy Easter

Father Justin Bailey


St. Mary's

The church of Saint Mary the Virgin sits on an historic site at centre of the small saxon town of Bruton in Somerset. The present church was started in the twelfth century, but sits on the site of one of the earliest churches in England, founded by King Ina in the 7th century A.D.

As a building the church exhibits many fine features, including its magnificent chancel built by the Berkley family in the 18th Century. It also boasts two towers, one in the north and one in the west, which houses the oldest dated bell in Somerset (1528).

The church holds 4 regular services a week:

Sunday 8am: BCP

  • First Sunday of month: 11am sung Eucharist with St. Mary's Adult Choir
  • Second Sunday of the month:11am Eucharist
  • Third Sunday of the month: 11am All Age Worship with St. Mary's Junior and Children's Choirs
  • Fourth Sunday of the month: 11am sung Eucharist
  • Fifth Sunday of the month: 11am Eucharist

Last / Fourth Sunday 9.00am Breakfast at St Mary's

Thursday 9:45am: Roman Catholic Mass

Wednesday 2pm: King's School Service (term time only)

The church is available for private prayer every day of the year and pastoral care is undertaken by the Priest in Charge who is available at the Rectory any day except Friday.

St. Mary's has two choirs which perform in the church on alternating weeks at the 11am Sunday service. In addition to the established music within our worship, St. Mary's also hosts regular concerts ranging from opera and oratorio to classical guitar and jazz. For more information about the music in the church please refer to our choir section.