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The benefice newsletter is intended to be a means of sharing information about events and news of particular interest and relevance to members of our churches across the benefice. We are blessed by having excellent parish magazines already, which publish articles of more general interest - we are not trying to cover the same ground as these magazines.

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: Issue 12

Newsletter July 2022

Readers of this Newsletter probably do not need to be told that all our parishes struggle to raise sufficient funds to meet their costs. The major elements of our parish expenditure are a contribution towards the paid ministry we receive (i.e. the Rector), a contribution to the cost of central Diocesan support services, the maintenance of our church buildings and our insurance and utility bills.


: Newsletter 11

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'Shared Local Ministry' is the term being used by the Diocese to describe a model of ministry which, it is hoped, will enable us to continue our witness and service in these parishes.

: Issue 10

Tree of Life

Alleluia, Christ is risen!

: Issue 9

the watch

There is much for us to reflect on as we enter

: Issue 8


A number of people have identified the desirability of developing a social space where we can both gather informally as members of the church to get to know one another better and enjoy one another’s company, and can also meet with people from the wider community for the same purposes...

: Issue 7

St Mary's tower with Advent light

As we turn over a new page on our calendars and contemplate what 2022 might look like, the reality is that, to some extent at least, this is up to us.

: Issue 6

Bruton Benefice Newsletter Issue 6

Advent is a time of waiting, but do we know what it is that we are waiting for? The temptation is to reach for the easy answer and say that we are waiting for Christmas. But there is more to it than this. In Advent, we are encouraged, not least by the daily lectionary readings, to focus on what are sometimes called ‘ the four last things ’ : Death , Judgment, Heaven and Hell. Advent invites us to step back from the mundane, the daily routine and to consider the big and ultimate things in life.

: Issue 5

Bruton Benefice Newsletter Issue 5

Bishop Trevor Willmott led a very joyful Benefice service at St Mary’s on 3 October as Jonathan was formally made Rector of the Benefice. The choir sang, the bells rang, the organ played and the gathered congregation sang heartily. We enjoyed a very good reception afterwards at At the Chapel where conversation and food and drink were plentiful and good.

: Issue 4

Bruton Benefice Newsletter Issue 4

The experience of the Church during the Covid pandemic has given rise to considerable reflection concerning our corporate life (our ‘communion’), the ways in which we worship and our sacramental life. The essence of the Church is that we are a community: a group of people called out and called together, and we understand that community to consist of both the current members of the Church (‘the church militant’) and those who have gone before us in the faith (the ‘communion of saints’, or ‘the church triumphant’).

: Issue 3

Bruton Benefice Newsletter Issue 3

As we emerge from Covid restrictions, we have an opportunity to look afresh at the way we do things as a church community. This could be to do with our worship, our prayer, our sharing of hospitality, our growth as disciples. You might have some thoughts and suggestions for new initiatives, or slight tweaks here and there. There may be things that you have seen or heard about in other churches that you think might work well here.

: Issue 2

Issue 2

In the first issue, I invited suggestions for a name for this new newsletter. In the unanimous opinion of the editorial committee of one, the best suggestion to date is ‘the Font’.

: Issue 1

Issue 1

Welcome to the first edition of a new Benefice newsletter. First things first, this new newsletter needs a name.

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