Our Services

At 8.00 the rite used goes back to 1552. It is from the Book of Common Prayer.
At 11.00 the rite is from Common Worship, in modern English, with the music sung by choir and people. We have a band of young servers to assist.

Rather like the game of cricket, if you’re starting from scratch, there’s quite a bit to learn before Church, and the Eucharist, make much sense. You don’t learn to appreciate cricket by inventing something else instead. So how do we grow people, including children, into the life of the Church, its faith and its worship?

All age worship is a user-friendly once a month service. It aims to be immediate, accessible, and interactive. Music tends to be modern rather than traditional, and the junior choir takes a full part in the proceedings. There is usually a hands-on activity for the young for about 15 minutes. During this time, adults may take part in a discussion related to our mission and the theme of the service. So it is a worship forum where we can all learn and grow, with teaching made more explicit than is usual in worship. And it’s fun!

The breakfast service is an informal, lay-led service that takes place on the 4th Sunday of every month, starting at 9am and usually finishing by 9.45am. It begins with tea, coffee and bacon rolls, hence the name!  We hold the service at the front of the church, making use of the oak benches.    Between 8 and 12 usually attend, mostly adults but children are very welcome! Central to the service is the Gospel reading for the day that is read and followed by a discussion led by one of the members.  It is always enriching to listen to the different contributions and to have something pointed out that you’ve not thought of before.  After the discussion we have a short time of prayer and one or two songs, accompanied on the guitar.